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5 James Gonyer via

Attorney Jeffrey Young and his team have been incredible throughout my workmans comp claim. Jeff achieved the best possible outcome for me and I cannot express how appreciative I am. My emails and calls were answered, all my concerns were taken care of. I felt like someone was on my side, standing up for me and against a really tough insurance company. I highly recommend this firm for any  workers comp and personal injury. Very professional, caring and Jeff is dedicated to helping people. I would give this law firm 10 stars but only allowed 5.

5 anonymous via

Jeffrey quickly responded to my question on how to handle my car accident. He was very helpful and told me what the next steps should be.

5 John T. via

Attorney Young did a bang up job most professional job on my workers compensation case. He is responsive,  accurate, articulate, and works hard to get results!! He understands workers compensation extremely well, proven by his results in my case.

Ty Atty Young!!

5 John Dicker via

Attorney Jeffrey A. Young is one of the best in the legal profession practice. He is a well grounded person with great family values and integrity! In other words, he is someone you can trust! More importantly, he will fight for what is right. I can personally vouch for this, for he has helped my family and I with righting a wrong! Instinctively, you really know when you need an attorney to assist and Attorney Young will legally battle for your rights!

5 John D. via

Best Workers’ Compensation Legal Attorney that helped us with many issues.

5 Ken A. via

Jeff was a pleasure to deal with.  Dealing with insurance companies after an automobile accident is far more complicated than I would ever have imagined.  I had 2 insurance companies calling, both asking different questions that me very uncomfortable to answer.  Jeff had represented my son several years ago so I called him to see if he dealt with auto insurance claims. He suggested a no cost initial consultation and I was instantly convinced I need his help.  There was no pressure on Jeff’s part.  Long story short, I would never again deal with an insurance or personal injury claim again without Jeff’s help.

5 Maurice via

There are a bunch of reasons why I would recommend him, including what I checked off. He listens to me and even if it’s not about my problem, he’s given me direction to other people who could help. He returns my calls as soon as he can. He’s on point. His staff is great! He handled my worker comp and auto cases with the upmost professionalism. I have never gotten any bills or letters once I hired him to handle my cases. He knows his stuff.

5 Roger & Sandi G. via

Attorney Jeffrey A. Young is very professional,honest and friendly in dealing with his clients. He takes all matters into consideration and is always available when needed. He helped my family and I through a difficult time with compassion and understanding.

5 Valentina Wolterding via

Great atty!!! he kept me in the loop on everything, made me feel super comfy throughout the entire process and handled every aspect of everything with the insurance company, I barely had to lift a finger. I highly recommend!!!

5 anonymous via

He handled my accident case. His office took care of all the issues, billing and payments, and liens. They were pleasant, professional and helpful.

5 John Di via

I was in need of professional legal assistance with a workmen’s compensation situation.  Attorney Jeffrey Young was highly recommended to me.  Jeff and his staff  were extremely patient, respectful and knowledgeable.  They handled my case expediently and thoroughly.  Jeff’s rapport with me, my family and the  courts were way beyond my expectations! If I’m ever in need of council again, I’ll call Attorney Young!

5 Dan S via

Excellent attorney, very knowledgable and personable. Kept me informed through every step and obtained a larger settlement than I asked for.

5 Alexander Giavis via

It was truly a pleasure working with Jeffrey.  At no point through-out the entire process was I confused or unaware of the status of my case, and he took the time to explain all of my options and their protocols, even those not concerning him.

I couldn’t recommend his services high enough!

5 King Soul via

Good Guy

5 Akeem Mohumad via