Late Reporting a Work Injury

If you are late reporting a work injury, it can hurt your claim and ability to collect benefits. Watch this video to find out how to maximize your recovery.

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Can my claim be denied if I didn’t file my claim on time?


A question that comes up a lot with clients is, “Can your claim be denied if you don’t file a claim in time?” The insurance company can deny your claim, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a claim.Late Reporting a Work InjuryYou can file a claim with the Department of Industrial Accidents and bring your claim before a judge. The judge will decide whether or not your claim needs to be paid. It’s best to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer and discuss with them what you need to do to get your claim filed.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

Many times we hear from people injured in other areas of the country. While we don’t practice in Wisconsin, we have found these workers compensation lawyers in West Bend, WI who could be very helpful. They have created a lot of great online educational content that you or someone you love may find valuable if you are looking for a workers compensation attorney in Wisconsin. Take a look at their online workers compensation resource page.