Reporting Work Injuries

Were you injured on the job and haven’t told anyone? Find out why reporting work injuries to your management is a necessary step to a successful claim.

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Do I need to tell management about my work injury?


I got a call from a gentleman the other day that was seriously injured at work and he wasn’t sure what he should do about reporting it. It’s best if you report the injury right away to your boss or a co-worker.Reporting Work InjuriesFill out an accident report if you can. If you don’t report it right away, do it as soon as you can thereafter. It’s very important that you report your injuries, so that your employer knows or is aware of the fact that you were injured on the job so that it’s not a problem later.

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The few days ago a young man called our office looking for help with his fathers workers compensation case in New Jersey. We practice in Massachusetts, but we found these workers compensation lawyers in Jersey City, NJ that did a great job with their online educational video resources and guides. If you or someone you know is ever injured in work accident in New Jersey, take a look at their online workers compensation resources.