Suing Your Employer

After a work injury, you might be thinking about suing your employer. Watch this video by our Lowell workers’ compensation attorney to find out if you can.

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Can I sue my employer or co-worker for causing my injury?


I had an interesting question from a client the other day. They wanted to know if they could sue their employer or their co-worker. Essentially, in Massachusetts, the workers’ compensation law prevents you from suing your employer or co-workers in situations where there’s negligence involved.Suing Your Employer
If a co-worker intentionally injured you, then you might be able to bring an action against that co-worker, but generally, you’re prohibited from suing in court over those types of work injuries. Your remedy is to file a claim with the Department of Industrial Accidents and benefits are available under the Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws. It’s best, though, to contact an attorney to discuss what your rights are.

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