Vocational Rehabilitation

Were you injured at work and unable to perform the same job functions? Watch this video to find out if you qualify for vocational rehabilitation.

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Am I entitled to vocational rehabilitation after a workplace injury?


I was speaking with a client the other day who was unable to go back to their job, which is one of the issues that we deal with a lot in workers’ comp in Massachusetts. The state has what they call “vocational rehabilitation services”. You can meet with them and they can discuss with you what you’re entitled to. Essentially, they look to see whether or not you can go to a similar type of job. If you can’t do that, they look to see if you have transferable skills that can help you get to a different field and earn the same amount of money.Vocational RehabilitationIf you can’t do that, the last category is retraining, where they’ll assign a vocational counselor. You’ll meet with them, develop a plan for retraining to get into a different field, and then they execute that plan. The insurance company should pay for that. The goal of those benefits is to get you back to earning what your average weekly wage was prior to your injury in another field. If you have any questions, speak to a Massachusetts workers’ comp attorney about those benefits.

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