Workers’ Comp and Unemployment Benefits

Are you wondering if you can claim workers’ comp and unemployment benefits? The answer may surprise you. Watch this video to find out.

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Can I collect unemployment benefits while on workers’ compensation?


I was speaking with one of my clients the other day who was out of work due to an injury on total disability, and his question was, “Can I collect unemployment benefits?” The answer is, in Massachusetts, if you’re on total disability benefits, you can’t collect unemployment benefits because unemployment, in order to collect it, you need to agree that you can do some kind of work, and you can’t collect total disability workers’ comp if you’re able to do some kind of work.Workers' Comp and Unemployment BenefitsIf you are on partial disability benefits in Massachusetts, and you want to collect unemployment, there’s a dollar-for-dollar offset of the workers’ compensation, and so usually it’s a wash and you don’t get any of your partial benefits. You probably don’t want to file for unemployment because where partial benefits are limited in time, you’re just eating up that time while you’re collecting unemployment. It’s best to speak to a Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney to figure out what your situation is.

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