Workers’ Comp Attorney Fees

Were you injured at work and have concerns about how to pay for workers’ comp attorney fees? Watch this video to find out how it may not cost you a dime.

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How do I pay the attorney’s fees for a workers’ comp case?


A question I get a lot from clients is, “How do I pay your fee?” Most fees in the Massachusetts workers’ compensation system are paid by the insurance company. If you come to me and we have to file a claim, and we prevail, the insurance company pays my fee and they pay my expenses. The only thing that comes out of the client is if there is an order by a judge for ongoing weekly disability, the insurance company can hold 22% of those checks for four weeks only.Workers' Comp Attorney FeesThe bulk of my fee is paid by the insurance company. The only other way I would get paid is if there were a lump sum settlement of the case. If there is a lump sum, my fee is set by the state; it’s either 15% of the lump sum or 20%, depending on the type of case it is. It really doesn’t cost a lot to have a workers’ compensation attorney in Massachusetts.

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