Workers’ Comp Settlement Offers

Injured at work and the insurance company is offering you money? Watch this video to find out what to know about workers’ comp settlement offers.

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Should I take the settlement offer from the insurance company?


A question I get a lot from people who are out on workers’ compensation, they’re getting benefits, and the insurance company has approached them about settling their case. They want to know what that means. Essentially, in Massachusetts, if you settle a workers’ compensation case, the insurance company is paying you a lump sum of money to prevent having to pay you into the future.Workers' Comp Settlement OffersIn Massachusetts, the workers’ comp insurers don’t have to pay a settlement if they don’t want to. If they do offer a settlement, what you want to do is look at what amount is being paid, what benefits you might be entitled to into the future, what the value of those benefits are, and that everything is included in the settlement. It’s best to speak to a qualified Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyer, as settlement is a complicated area.

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