Workers’ Compensation Nurse Case Manager

Did the insurance company assign a workers’ compensation nurse case manager to your claim? Watch this video to find out if you need to work with them.

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Do I have to work with a nurse case manager?


The insurance companies like to sometimes assign what they call a “nurse case manager”. It’s generally a nurse who works with or for the insurance company and they oversee the injured worker’s medical treatment. The question usually is, “Do I have to work with this nurse case manager?” The short answer is no, you don’t.Workers' Compensation Nurse Case ManagerAlthough, in some cases, I like to work with them because they help facilitate getting medical treatment through the workers’ comp insurance company, and that’s sometimes beneficial. The question always is, who are they working for? Are they working in the injured employee’s best interest or are the insurance company’s interest. We keep a close eye on that. Again, you can terminate those services anytime you want.

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